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technical committee reports

The following reports are available in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is available for free from the Adobe Web site.

stormwater & better site design and runoff limits technical committees

Stormwater Management Policy including the Runoff Limits Program, September 2006, updated August 2007 (PDF)

erosion & sedimentation control and grading technical committees

Standard Operating Procedure for Erosion & Sedimentation Control and Grading Ordinance, September 1, 2006, updated April 2007

stream buffers technical committee

Stream Buffer Ordinances, April 2005, updated April 2007

road crossings technical committee

Stream Crossing and Culvert Design Policy, August 18, 2006, updated April 2007

utility crossings technical committee

Utility Stream Crossings Policy, July 13, 2006, updated July 2007

conservation subdivisions technical committee

Conservation Subdivision Ordinance, July 13, 2006, updated April 2007

water supply planning technical committee

Protocol for Evaluating Water-Supply Reservoir Options for Effects on Imperiled Stream Fishes, July 13, 2006, updated April 2007


For more information:
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USFWS, Georgia Ecological Services
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