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etowah practicum
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scientific & technical research

research conducted as part of the hcp

Conservation planning for imperiled aquatic species in an urbanizing environment, 2010, Seth J. Wenger, Mary C. Freeman, Laurie A. Fowler, Byron J. Freeman, James T. Peterson. Published in Landscape and Urban Planning 97 (2010) 1121 (PDF)

Prioritizing areas of the Conasauga River sub-basin in Georgia and Tennessee for preservation and restoration, 2009, Seth J. Wenger, Megan M. Hagler, and Byron J. Freeman, published in Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings . (PDF)

Estimating Species Occurrence, Abundance, and Detection Probability Using Zero-Inflated Distributions, October 2008, Seth Wenger and Mary Freeman. Published in Ecology 89(10), 2008, pp. 2953-2959.

Use of Surrogates to Predict the Stressor Response of Imperiled Species, April 10 2008, Seth J. Wenger. Published in Conservation Biology

Stream fish occurrence in response to impervious cover, historic land use, and hydrogeomorphic factors, 2008, Seth J. Wenger, James T. Peterson, Mary C. Freeman, Byron J. Freeman, and D. David Homans. Published in Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 65: 1250–1264 (2008)

Runoff Limits: An ecologically based stormwater management program, 2008, Seth J. Wenger, Tim L. Carter, R. Alfred Vick, Laurie A. Fowler. Published in Stormwater: The Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals

Stressors to Imperiled Fishes in the Etowah Basin: Mechanisms, Sources and Management under the Etowah Aquatic HCP, Seth Wenger and Mary Freeman, February 1, 2007 (PDF)

Etowah Development Runoff Study, R. Alfred Vick, January 2006 (PDF)

Reach-scale effects of riparian forest cover on urban stream ecosystems, Allison H. Roy, Christina L. Faust, Mary C. Freeman, and Judith L. Meyer, Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 2005, 62: 2312–2329. (PDF)

Can riparian forests mediate impacts of urbanization on stream fish assemblages? (doctoral dissertation) Allison H. Roy, University of Georgia, 2004. (external site)

Investigating hydrologic alteration as a mechanism of fish assemblage shifts in urbanizing streams, Allison H. Roy, M. C. Freeman, B. J. Freeman, S. J. Wenger, W. E. Ensign, J. L. Meyer, Journal of The North American Benthological Society, 2005, 24(3):656–678. (PDF)

Developing Engineering Design Criteria for Ecologically Sound Road Crossings for Endangered Fish in Georgia, (masters thesis) Heidi K. Millington, University of Georgia, 2004. (PDF)

other recent research in the etowah basin

Environmental indicators of macroinvertebrate and fish assemblage integrity in urbanizing watersheds, November 2009, David M. Walters, Allison H. Roy, and D.S. Leigh. Published in Ecological Indicators, Volume 9, Issue 6, November 2009, Pages 1222-1233.

Genetic population structure and life history aspects of the federally threatened Cherokee darter, Etheostoma scotti, (masters thesis) 2003. Casey M. Storey, University fo Georgia. (external site)

Geomorphology and fish assemblages in a Piedmont river basin, U.S.A., 2003. David M. Walters, D. S. Leigh, M. C. Freeman, B. J. Freeman, C.M. Pringle, Freshwater Biology (2003) 48, 1950–1970. (PDF)

Influence of geomorphology and urban land cover on stream fish assemblages in the Etowah River basin, Georgia, (doctoral dissertation) 2002. David M. Walters, University of Georgia. (external site)

Urbanization effects on fishes and habitat quality in a southern Piedmont river basin. 2005. Walters, D. M., M. C. Freeman, D. S. Leigh, B. J. Freeman, and C. M. Pringle. Pages 69-86 in L. R. Brown, R. H. Gray, R. M. Hughes, and M. R. Meador, editors. Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems American Fisheries Society, Symposium 47, Bethesda, MD.

Urbanization, sedimentation, and the homogenization of fish assemblages in the Etowah River Basin, USA, 2003. David M. Walters, D. S. Leigh, A. B. Bearden, Hydrobiologia 494: 5–10, 2003. B. Kronvang (ed.), The Interactions between Sediments and Water, Kluwer Academic Publishers. (PDF)

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