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reviewers of the hcp

Critical scientific elements of the HCP were subject to peer review and published or are in press. The following individuals served as the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Etowah Aquatic HCP:

Name Affiliation
Brett Albanese Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Program
Noel Burkhead U.S. Geological Survey, Florida Integrated Science Center
Gene Helfman UGA Institute of Ecology
James Peterson U.S. Geological Survey, Georgia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Steve Powers Reinhardt College
Chris Skelton Georgia College and State University
David Walters U.S. Environmetnal Protection Agency, Natuional Exposure Research Laboratory

The following individuals reviewed the Runoff Limits policy:

Name Affiliation
Ted Brown Biohabitats
Paul Sturm Center for Watershed Protection
Chris Walsh Monash University, Australia

The following individuals reviewed portions of the Etowah Aquatic HCP:

Name Affiliation
William Bouthillier Georgia Department of Transportation
Gary Craig U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Ben Dickerson Georgia Department of Transportation
Bob Dorazio U.S. Geological Survey, Folorida Integrated Science Center
Kevin Leftwich U.S. Forest Service
Judy Meyer UGA Institute of Ecology
Kate Schofield U.S. environmental Protection Agency

For more information:
Eric Prowell, Hydrologist
USFWS, Georgia Ecological Services
105 West Park Drive, Suite D.
Athens GA 30606
(706) 613-9493