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partners & participants

The following local jurisdictions have assisted in the development of the HCP.

Bartow County
Cherokee County
Cobb County
Dawson County
Forsyth County
Lumpkin County
Paulding County
Pickens County

City of Acworth
City of Canton
City of Cartersville
City of Dallas
City of Dawsonville
City of Emerson
City of Jasper
City of Holly Springs
City of Kennesaw
City of Marietta
City of Roswell
City of Waleska
City of Woodstock

The following agencies and organizations have been involved in the development of the Etowah Aquatic HCP, inlcuding providing professional input, reviewing policies, and serving on Technical Committees:

local, state, regional, and federal agencies
Atlanta Regional Commission
Cherokee County Recycling Center
Cherokee County Water & Sewer Authority
Chestatee-Chattahoochee Resource Conservation & Development Center
Coosa Valley Regional Development Center
Etowah Water & Sewer Authority
Forsyth County Water & Sewer Authority
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Georgia Department of Transportation
Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Georgia Mountain Forestry Service
Georgia Mountains Regional Development Center
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
Keep Bartow Beautiful
Limestone Valley Resource Conservation & Development Center
Office of US Representative John Linder
North Georgia Watershed Authority
US Army Corps of Engineers
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
US Environmental Protection Agency
US Fish & Wildlife Service

Kennesaw State University
University of Georgia

Chattowah Open Land Trust
Coosa River Basin Initiative
Forsyth Forest Conservation Group
The Georgia Conservancy
Mountain Conservation Trust of Georgia
Mountain Stewards
The Nature Conservancy

stakeholder organizations
Appalachian Erosion Control
Boutwell Engineering
Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce

CSC General Contractors
DBD Enterprises, Waterside Development
Emerald Development
Environmental Impact Assessment
Georgia Erosion Control Center, Inc.
Georgia Homebuilders Association
Hutcheson Horticulture Co.
Jasper Forestry and Chipping
John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods
KB Homes
Knight and Knight Land Surveying
L.R.L Construction
Lake Allatoona Marina Association
Rhodes Engineering
Rindt-McDuff Associates
Rosewood Landscaping Services
Roy H. Taylor, Architect
The Landon Group
Wetland Ecological Consultants
Wikle Land Surveying
Wintermont Development

The following people have been involved in the development of the Etowah Aquatic HCP, inlcuding providing professional input, reviewing policies, and serving on Technical Committees:

Brett Albanese, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Natural Heritage Program
Greg Anderson, UGA Student
Jane Rogers Argentina, UGA Student
Audrey Baggett, UGA Student
Luke Baine, UGA Student
Judith Barkstedt, UGA Student
John Bergstrom, UGA Faculty/Staff
Steve Blackburn, U.S. EPA
Amanda Blowers, City of Acworth
Deb Borden, UGA Faculty/Staff
Jeffrey Boring, UGA Student
Amit Bose, UGA Student
Stacey Bouma, U.S. EPA
Rebecca Bourquin, UGA Student
William Bouthillier, Georgia Department of Transportation
Steve Bradley, Bartow County
Ted Brown, Biohabitats
Bill Bumback, UGA Faculty/Staff
Noel Burkhead, U.S. Geological Survey, Florida Integrated Science Center
Jamie Calkin, UGA Student
Ansley Campbell, UGA Student
Ron Carroll, UGA Faculty/Staff
Tim Carter, UGA Faculty/Staff
Mike Castagna, City of Jasper
Melissa Casteel, City of Canton
Erica Chiao, UGA Student
Gary Craig, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Robin Dake, Upper Etowah River Alliance
Arman Deganian, UGA Student
Ben Dickerson, Georgia Department of Transportation
Bob Dorazio, U.S. Geological Survey, Florida Integrated Science Center
Erin Dreelin, UGA Faculty/Staff
Will Duncan, UGA Student
Patton Dycus, UGA Student
Justin Ellis, UGA Student
Bill Ensign, Kennesaw State University
Jeanne Epstein, UGA Faculty/Staff
Scott Eustis, UGA Student
Andrew Evans, UGA Student
Joseph Evans, UGA Student
Kevin Flanagan, Lumpkin County
John Fortuna, UGA Student
Laurie Fowler, UGA Faculty/Staff
Emily Franzen, UGA Faculty/Staff
Byron Freeman, UGA Faculty/Staff
Mary Freeman, U.S. Geological Survey
Jack Frierson, UGA Student
Jeff Garnett, UGA Student
Katie Garrison, UGA Student
David Gattie, UGA Faculty/Staff
Beth Gavrilles, UGA Faculty/Staff
Heidi Gerstung, UGA Student
Curt Gervich, UGA Faculty/Staff
Tom Gibney, UGA Student
Bruce Goldstein, Independent Consultant
Robin Goodloe, USFWS
Anthony Griffin, City of Holly Springs
Megan Hagler, UGA Student
Ben Harper, UGA Student
Jennifer Harper, UGA Student
Mike Harris, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Tracey Harton, UGA Student
Anna Hauser, UGA Student
Gene Helfman, University of Georgia
Heather Herbert, UGA Student
Jeanne Herzog, UGA Student
Mike Hobbs, USFWS
Steve Holder, City of Dawsonville
David Homans, UGA Student
Mark Hutcheson, City of Woodstock
Rhett Jackson, UGA Faculty/Staff
Bianca Jaikaran, UGA Student
Ron James, Cherokee County
Jessica Jenkins, UGA Student
Andy Keeler, UGA Faculty/Staff
Brandi Kellis, UGA Student
Alice Miller Keyes The Georgia Conservancy
Susan Kidd, The Georgia Conservancy
John Knight, UGA Student
Katie Knowles, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Allatoona
Elizabeth Kramer, UGA Faculty/Staff
David Kubala, Cherokee County Water & Sewer Authority
Emily Kubala, UGA Student
Charles Laughinghouse, Forsyth County
Amanda Leathers, UGA Student
Jason Lee, UGA Faculty/Staff
Kevin Leftwich, U.S. Forest Service
David Leigh, UGA Faculty/Staff
Lauren Love, UGA Student
Jonathan Lyman, UGA Student
Eleonora Machado, UGA Faculty/Staff
Renee Machyousky, UGA Student
Ben Makin, UGA Student
Paula Marcinek, UGA Faculty/Staff
Holly Martin, City of Kennesaw
Jennifer McCabe, UGA Student
Sarah McClurg, UGA Student
Dorothy McDaniel, The Georgia Conservancy
Maureen McGowan, UGA Student
Jake McGrew, UGA Student
Mack McGuffey, UGA Student
Jason McLarry, UGA Student
Louise McPherson, Upper Etowah River Alliance
Jennifer McStotts, UGA Student
Colby Mecham, UGA Student
Jess Melgey, UGA Student
Judy Meyer, UGA Faculty/Staff
Judy Meyer, University of Georgia
Adam Miles, UGA Student
Heidi Millington, UGA Student
Diane Minick, Upper Etowah River Alliance
Paul Mitchell, UGA Student
Stuart Moring, City of Roswell
Geoff Morton, Cherokee County
Gary Mullinix, City of Canton
Trent Myers, UGA Student
Jennifer Nelson, UGA Student
Nanette Nelson, UGA Faculty/Staff
Maggie Nettles, UGA Faculty/Staff
James Norman, UGA Faculty/Staff
Bryan Nuse, UGA Student
Libby Ormes, UGA Student
Chad Pannell, UGA Student
Elizabeth Pate, UGA Faculty/Staff
Will Penoyar, UGA Student
James Peterson, U.S. Geological Survey, GA Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Norman Pope, Pickens County
Brady Porter, UGA Student
Dave Powell, UGA Student
Steve Powers, Reinhardt College
Eric Prowell, USFWS
Rick Pruetz, Independent Consultant
Ron Pulliam, UGA Faculty/Staff
Julia Reed, UGA Student
Charles Richards, City of Roswell
Clayton Rigdon, UGA Student
Jamie Baker Roskie, UGA Faculty/Staff
Daniel Rothwell, City of Holly Springs
Allison Roy, UGA Student
Amy Salley, UGA Student
Kevin Samples, UGA Faculty/Staff
Janice Sand, UGA Faculty/Staff
Kate Schofield, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Daniel Sedgwick, UGA Student
Chris Seely, UGA Student
Rosemary Seymour, UGA Faculty/Staff
Jesslyn Shields, UGA Student
Kim Zimmerman Shorter, City of Roswell
Elizabeth Simpson, UGA Student
Chris Skelton, Georgia College and State University
Ben Skipper, Paulding County
Josh Smith, UGA Student
Tiffany Smith, UGA Student
Jim Stafford, City of Cartersville
David Stewart, UGA Student
Garnett Stokes, UGA Faculty/Staff
Casey Storey, UGA Student
Candace Stoughton, The Nature Conservancy
Carrie Straight, UGA Student
UGA Students, UGA Faculty/Staff
Paul Sturm, Center for Watershed Protection
Will Summer, UGA Student
Emily Thomas, UGA Student
Bill Tollner, UGA Faculty/Staff
Sandra Tucker, USFWS
Michael Tuller, Cobb County
Lynn Tully. Dawson County
Steve Turner, City of Kennesaw
Aaron Valenta, USFWS
Alfie Vick, UGA Faculty/Staff
Chris Walsh, Monash University, Australia
David Walters, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Exposure Research Laboratory
Jeff Watkins, Cherokee County
Lauren Watson, UGA Student
Jerry Weitz, Independent Consultant
Seth Wenger, UGA Faculty/Staff
Katie Willcox, UGA Student
J.R. Woolf, UGA Student
Erica Wright, UGA Student

For more information:
Eric Prowell, Hydrologist
USFWS, Georgia Ecological Services
105 West Park Drive, Suite D.
Athens GA 30606
(706) 613-9493