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planning overview

The HCP is directed by a Steering Committee of representatives appointed by each of the local governments within the watershed, with several non-voting members representing water and sewer authorities, NGOs, and state and federal agencies. An Advisory Committee, with members from University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University, several NGOs, and federal and state agencies, assists the Steering Committee and ad hoc Technical Committees with scientific and legal research, public education and outreach, and organization of meetings. The Technical Committees were appointed by the Steering Committee to research and develop policies for the HCP. The Technical Committees are made up of experts from within the Etowah basin and are staffed by researchers from the University of Georgia. A Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of scientists with expertise in the ecology and population biology of the Etowah's aquatic imperiled species, provided an independent review of the HCP throughout the planning process.

partners & participants
The HCP is being developed through a voluntary collaboration between local governments, state and federal agencies, universities, NGOs, and private citizens.

participating jurisdictions
Many of the jurisdictions within the Etowah basin have passed a resolution authorizing the Etowah Aquatic HCP to be submitted to US FWS on their behalf.

reviewers of the HCP
Scientific experts in various fields reviewed the Etowah Aquatic HCP.

The Steering Committee meets every few months. Meeting notes, presentations, reports, and agendas are available as Adobe PDF documents.

For more information:
Eric Prowell, Hydrologist
USFWS, Georgia Ecological Services
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