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etowah aquatic HCP overview
The Etowah Aquatic HCP is based on a series of policies designed to protect the basin's imperiled aquatic species as development occurs in the region. A Steering Committee appointed by the local governments of the Etowah basin guides the work of Technical Committees and research staff.

about the etowah region
The unique physical characteristics of the Etowah River watershed make it one of the most biodiverse river systems in the U.S. Its proximity to one of the country's most rapidly growing urban areas makes it one of the most threatened.

about the imperiled species
Ten imperiled aquatic species are known to inhabit the Etowah basin, and five others are believed extirpated.

about the endangered species act & habitat conservation plans
The goal of the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 is to protect threatened and endangered species from extinction. Habitat Conservation Plans under the ESA are crafted to allow development in areas where imperiled species occur, while conserving enough habitat to ensure that those species persist.

HCP researchers have mapped the known ranges of the imperiled species, as well as the land cover of the watershed.

frequently asked questions
The Etowah Aquatic HCP is unusual because of its focus on multiple species and multiple jurisdictions, leading to many requests for information on its structure and development.

The development of the HCP has been covered by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as well as local media outlets.

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